Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Correct Way To Drink Water

1. Drink water when you wake up. Your body loses water while you sleep, so drink a glass before you go to sleep and another glass when you wake up. You are naturally thirsty or dehydrated in the morning. Drinking water in the morning helps flush out the toxins that have accumulated all night.

2. Drink 8 to 12 glasses a day. According to the Mayo Clinic, a 120-pound individual needs 8 cups of water a day, while a 190-pound person would require 12 cups daily. Dr. Robert Tanchanco says that we should monitor our urine color and keep it on the light side. However, drink only a maximum of 16 glasses a day, and not more.

3. Drink little by little throughout the day. It is preferable to sip water throughout the day rather than to drink two glasses all at once. This will lessen the stress on the heart (especially if you have heart disease) and give your body more time to absorb it.

4. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink water. By the time you feel thirsty, you're probably already 2 glasses below your normal water needs. Elderly people are also less sensitive to the body's need for water.

5. Drink water, not soft drinks, alcohol or coffee. Some experts believe that tea, sodas and coffee can be potentially dehydrating. Moreover, the high phosphorus and sugar content in cola drinks can lead to conditions like osteoporosis and diabetes. One study shows that adults who drank six cups of coffee daily experienced mild dehydration. Drinking alcohol is much worse because it actually dehydrates you by making you urinate a lot.

6. Train children to drink water. Set a good example to your kids and drink water together. Make sure that children drink enough water when they're active. Pack a large bottled water in their lunch box.

7. Drink more when it's hot. People living in hot climates like the Philippines need to drink more water. They are more prone to develop kidney stones compared to those living in cooler regions.

8. Drink more as you exercise. When you exercise, you need to drink more water to compensate for fluid loss. Go for an extra 500 ml of water for a 30-minute to 1-hour exercise. Eating a banana also helps keep your potassium up.

9. Drink more when you're sick. Even though you don't feel like it, you really need to drink more water to help your body recover from various infections. If you're dehydrated, you'll feel much worse.

10. Drink more if you're pregnant. Women who are expecting or breast-feeding need additional fluids to stay hydrated. The Institute of Medicine recommends that pregnant women drink 10 cups of fluids daily and women who breast-feed take in about 13 cups of fluids a day.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Just look at the facts: The brain contains 74% water, blood contains 83% water, lean muscle has 75% and bone has 22% water.. Experts agree that water is one of the most powerful forms of treatment. So how come most people don't drink enough water?

10 Health Benefits of Water:

1. Water prevents kidney stones. The most common cause of kidney stones is not drinking enough water. Since water dissolves the substances that form stones in the urine, drinking 12 glasses daily helps treat kidney stones.

2. Water treats urinary tract infection. The more water you drink, the more you will urinate. "Drinking lots of water will help flush out harmful bacteria from your bladder," says Medical City kidney specialist Dr. Roberto Tanchanco.

3. Water helps patients with diarrhea by preventing dehydration. As a first-aid for diarrhea, you can make your own oral rehydration solution at home. Mix a glass of water with 2 teaspoons sugar and ¼ teaspoon salt, and drink as much as you can tolerate. This is similar to the dextrose solution in the hospital.

4. Water helps reduce fever. For symptoms of flu, water can help lower your body temperature when you urinate the "heat" out of your body. If you're sick, drink more water for you to recover faster.

5. Water helps treat cough and colds, sore throat, and respiratory infections. Water helps loosen sticky phlegm. A respected lung specialist told me that some mucolytics out there are just as beneficial as drinking lots of water.

6. Water reduces heartburn. Taking 2-3 gulps of water every 20 minutes or so can help flush the stomach acid away. Bananas and water are effective alternatives to taking antacids. Try it.

7. Water prevents constipation and its complications. Too little water can harden the stools and lead to hemorrhoids and diverticulosis, a disease of the large bowel. Drink water and eat lots of vegetables to soften your stools.

8. Water keeps you alert and energetic. If you're dehydrated, your blood is literally thicker. This makes it harder for the blood to circulate. As a result, the brain can become less active and you can feel confused and fatigued. Some studies also show that water may help cure migraine headaches.

9. Water helps reduce weight. By drinking a glass or two of water before a meal, you will lessen the amount of food you can take in order to feel full. Water has zero calories and will not make you fat.

10. Water keeps your skin soft and radiant. Just as a dehydrated person will have deep-set eyes and wrinkled skin, so will a fully hydrated person exhibit a normal and beautiful skin tone.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aurat Wanita

Berpakaian tetapi telanjang

Kita berpakaian untuk melindungi tubuh, untuk nampak lebih berketerampilan, juga sebagai melaksanakan sunnah yang dianjurkan Islam. Namun tidak semua konsep berpakaian menepati syariat, malah ada ketikanya ia mendatangkan ‘bala’ pula kepada kita. Ini sama seperti pesan Rasulullah pada hadis baginda;

Daripada Abu Hurairah r.a., katanya Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang bermaksud, “Ada dua macam penghuni neraka yang kedua-duanya belum kelihatan olehku. Pertama, kaum yang memiliki cambuk [whip] seperti ekor lembu yang digunakan untuk memukul orang lain. Kedua, wanita yang berpakaian tetapi sama seperti telanjang (kerana pakaiannya tidak menutup aurat, nipis dan mendedahkan bahagian yang tidak sepatutnya dilihat bukan muhrim) dan wanita yang mudah dirayu dan juga suka merayu. Wanita tersebut tidak dapat masuk syurga, bahkan tidak dapat mencium bau syurga, padahal bau syurga itu dapat dicium dari jarak yang sangat jauh.” (Sahih Muslim)

Salah satu budaya malang yang menimpa wanita Islam dewasa kini ialah budaya berpakaian tetapi telanjang. Kebanyakan wanita hari ini berpakaian mengikut fesyen walaupun ada sesetengah fesyen yang dikenakan amat bertentangan dengan syariat Islam. Ada sesetengah wanita pula menyangkakan bahawa dengan bertudung, mereka sudah menutup aurat, sedangkan apa yang mereka sarungkan di tubuh badan mereka hanyalah pakaian yang nipis melayang ataupun yang ketat dan sendat dan nampakkan segala-galanya. Ada juga yang mengenakan tudung tetapi menampakkan lengan (short sleeve). Sesetengahnya pula berbaju pendek/singkat dan jean hampir tercabut hingga menampakkan seluar dalam.

Diriwayatkan oleh Abu Daud dari Aisyah r.a. bahawa ketika Asma’ binti Abu Bakar r.a. bertemu dengan Rasulullah SAW, ketika itu Asma’ sedang mengenakan pakaian tipis, lalu Rasulullah SAW memalingkan muka seraya bersabda, “Wahai Asma’! Sesungguhnya, jika seorang wanita sudah sampai masa haid, maka tidak layak lagi bagi dirinya menampakkannya, kecuali ini ...” (baginda mengisyaratkan pada muka dan tangannya).

Kenapa wajib menutup aurat? Jawapannya ada dalam al-Quran, Allah SWT telah berfirman yang bermaksud, “Hai Nabi katakanlah kepada isteri-isterimu, anak-anak perempuanmu dan isteri-isteri orang mukmin: "Hendaklah mereka mengulurkan jilbabnya ke seluruh tubuh mereka." Yang demikian itu supaya mereka lebih mudah untuk dikenal, karena itu mereka tidak diganggu. Dan Allah adalah Maha pengampun lagi Maha penyayang.” (Surah al-Ahzab [033], ayat 59)

Ciri-ciri pakaian Muslimah :
• Tudung mestilah labuh menutupi dada dan tidak jarang/nipis
• Baju mestilah labuh dan longgar
• Lengan baju panjang sehingga pergelangan tangan
• Kain/seluar yang dipakai mesti panjang sehingga ke buku lali (mata kaki)
• Kasut yang tidak berbunyi (sekiranya hendak memakai kasut yang bertumit tinggi, pastikan tumitnya diperbuat daripada getah)
• Memakai sarung kaki

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Asparagus -- Who knew ?

A friend sent this article to me via email and I like to share with you...

My Mom had been taking the full-stalk canned style asparagus that she pureed and she took 4 tablespoons in the morning and 4 tablespoons later in the day.

She did this for over a month. She is on chemo pills for Stage 3 lung cancer in the pleural area and her cancer cell count went from 386 down to 125 as of this past week.

Her oncologist said she does not need to see him for 3 months.


Several years ago, I had a man seeking asparagus for a
friend who had cancer. He gave me a photocopied copy
of an article, entitled, Asparagus for cancer 'printed in
Cancer News Journal, December 1979. I will share it
here, just as it was shared with me: I am a
biochemist, and have specialized in the relation of diet
to health or over 50 years. Several years ago, I learned
of the discovery of Richard R. Vensal, D.D.S. that
asparagus might cure cancer. Since then, I have worked
with him on his project We have accumulated a number
of favorable case histories. Here are a few examples:

Case No. 1, A man with an almost hopeless case
of Hodgkin's disease (cancer of the lymph glands) who
was completely incapacitated. Within 1 year of starting
the asparagus therapy, his doctors were unable to
detect any signs of cancer, and he was back on a schedule
of strenuous exercise.

Case No. 2 , a successful businessman 68 years old
who suffered from cancer of the bladder for 16 years.
After years of medical treatments, including radiation
without improvement, he went on asparagus. Within 3
months, examinations revealed that his bladder tumor
had disappeared and that his kidneys were normal.

Case No. 3, a man who had lung cancer. On March 5th 1971,
he was put on the operating table where they found
lung cancer so widely spread that it was inoperable.
The surgeon sewed him up and declared his case
hopeless. On April 5th he heard about the Asparagus
therapy and immediately started taking it By August,
x-ray pictures revealed that all signs of the cancer had
disappeared.. He is back at his regular business routine.

Case No. 4, a woman who was troubled for a number of
years with skin cancer. She finally developed different
skin cancers which were diagnosed by the acting
specialist as advanced. Within 3 months after starting
on asparagus, her skin specialist said that her skin
looked fine and no more skin lesions. This woman
reported that the asparagus therapy also cured her
kidney disease, which started in 1949. She had over 10
operations for kidney stones, and was receiving
government disability payments for an inoperable,
terminal, kidney condition. She attributes the cure of
this kidney trouble entirely to the asparagus.

I was not surprised at this result, as `The elements of
materia medica', edited in 1854 by a Professor at the
University of Pennsylvania , stated that asparagus was
used as a popular remedy for kidney stones. He even
referred to experiments, in 1739, on the power of
asparagus in dissolving stones. Note the dates!
We would have other case histories but the medical
establishment has interfered with our obtaining some
of the records. I am therefore appealing to readers to
spread this good news and help us to gather a large
number of case histories that will overwhelm the
medical skeptics about this unbelievably simple and
natural remedy.

For the treatment , asparagus should be cooked
before using, and therefore canned asparagus is just
as good as fresh. I have corresponded with the two
leading canners of asparagus, Giant and Stokely, and I
am satisfied that these brands contain no pesticides or

Place the cooked asparagus in a blender and liquefy to
make a puree, and store in the refrigerator. Give the
patient 4 full tablespoons twice daily, morning and
evening. Patients usually show some improvement in
2-4 weeks. It can be diluted with water and used as a
cold or hot drink. This suggested dosage is based on
present experience, but certainly larger amounts can do
no harm and may be needed in some cases. As a
biochemist I am convinced of the old saying that `what
cures can prevent.' Based on this theory, my wife and I
have been using asparagus puree as a beverage with
our meals. We take 2 tablespoons diluted in water to
suit our taste with breakfast and with dinner. I take
mine hot and my wife prefers hers cold. For years we
have made it a practice to have blood surveys taken as
part of our regular checkups. The last blood survey,
taken by a medical doctor who specializes in the
nutritional approach to health, showed substantial
improvements in all categories over the last one, and
we can attribute these improvements to nothing but
the asparagus drink.

As a biochemist, I have made an extensive study of all
aspects of cancer, and all of the proposed cures. As a
result, I am convinced that asparagus fits in better
with the latest theories about cancer.

Asparagus contains a good supply of protein called
histones , which are believed to be active in controlling
cell growth.. For that reason, I believe asparagus can
be said to contain a substance that I call cell growth
normalizer . That accounts for its action on cancer and
in acting as a general body tonic. In any event,
regardless of theory, asparagus used as we suggest, is
a harmless substance. The FDA cannot prevent you
from using it and it may do you much good. It has
been reported by the US National Cancer Institute, that
asparagus is the highest tested food containing
glutathione , which is considered one of the body's
most potent anticarcinogens and antioxidants.

Please send this article to everyone in your Address Book.

The most unselfish act one can ever do is paying forward
all the kindness one has received, even to the most
undeserved person

Friday, July 16, 2010

Al-Kisah Adolf Hitler


Tulisan: Azhar Abdullah

Apa yang bakal anda baca ini ialah sebuah email yang saya terima dari seorang kawan dari Arab Saudi...saya terjemahkan ke dalam Bahasa Melayu dan saya kongsi bersama anda semua...

Penghormatanku kepada lelaki agung, Adolf Hitler, semoga ada sepertinya di zaman ini...

Aku berbual dengan seorang ahli keluarga yang sedang menamatkan tesis PhD beliau dan aku amat terperanjat apabila beliau nyatakan tesis beliau berkaitan Adolf Hitler, pemimpin Nazi. Maka aku katakan "Takkan dah habis semua tokoh Islam di dunia ini sampai kamu memilih si bodoh ini dijadikan tajuk?"

Beliau ketawa lalu bertanya apa yang aku ketahui tentang Hitler.

Aku lalu menjawab bahawa Hitler seorang pembunuh yang membunuh secara berleluasa dan meletakkan German mengatasi segala-galanya...lalu dia bertanya dari mana sumber aku. Aku menjawab sumberku dari TV pastinya.

Lalu dia berkata : " Baiklah, pihak British telah melakukan lebih dahsyat dari itu...pihak Jepun semasa zaman Emperor mereka juga sama...tapi kenapa dunia hanya menghukum Hitler dan meletakkan kesalahan malahan memburukkan nama Nazi seolah-olah Nazi masih wujud hari ini sedangkan mereka melupakan kesalahan pihak British kepada Scotland, pihak Jepun kepada dunia dan pihak Afrika Selatan kepada kaum kulit hitam mereka?"

Aku lantas meminta jawapan dari beliau. Beliau menyambung : " Ada dua sebab -

1. Prinsip Hitler berkaitan Yahudi, Zionisme dan penubuhan negara Israel . Hitler telah melancarkan Holocaust untuk menghapuskan Yahudi kerana beranggapan Yahudi akan menjahanamkan dunia pada suatu hari nanti.

2. Prinsip Hitler berkaitan Islam. Hitler telah belajar sejarah kerajaan terdahulu dan umat yang lampau, dan beliau telah menyatakan bahawa ada tiga tamadun yang terkuat, iaitu Parsi, Rome dan Arab. Ketiga-tiga tamadun ini telah menguasai dunia satu ketika dulu dan Parsi serta Rome telah mengembangkan tamadun mereka hingga hari ini, manakala Arab pula lebih kepada persengketaan sesama mereka sahaja. Beliau melihat ini sebagai satu masalah kerana Arab akan merosakkan Tamadun Islam yang beliau telah lihat begitu hebat satu ketika dulu.

Atas rasa kagum beliau pada Tamadun Islam, beliau telah mencetak risalah berkaitan Islam dan diedarkan kepada tentera Nazi semasa perang, walaupun kepada tentera yang bukan Islam.

Beliau juga telah meberi peluang kepada tentera German yang beragama Islam untuk menunaikan solat ketika masuk waktu di mana jua...bahkan tentera German pernah bersolat di dataran Berlin dan Hitler ketika itu mennggu sehingga mereka tamat solat jemaah untuk menyampaikan ucapan beliau...

Hitler juga sering bertemu dengan para Ulamak dan meminta pendapat mereka serta belajar dari mereka tentang agama dan kisah para sahabat dalam mentadbir...

Hitler pernah berbincang dengan Syeikh Amin Al-Husainiy mengenai Islam.

Beliau juga meminta para Sheikh untuk mendampingi tentera beliau bagi mendoakan mereka yang bukan Islam dan memberi semangat kepada yang beragama Islam untuk membunuh Yahudi...

Semua maklumat ini ialah hasil kajian sejarah yang dilakukan oleh saudara aku untuk tesis PhD beliau dan beliau meminta aku tidak menokok tambah apa-apa supaya tidak menyusahkan beliau untuk membentangkannya nanti. Beliau tidak mahu aku campurkan bahan dari internet kerana aku bukan pakar bidang sejarah. Tetapi gambar-gambar yang ada di sini sudah lama tersebar dan semua orang boleh melihatnya di internet.

Aku juga sedaya upaya mencari maklumat tambahan di internet dan berjumpa beberapa perkara :

1: Pengaruh Al-Quran di dalam ucapan Hitler.
Ketika tentera Nazi tiba di Moscow, Hitler berhajat menyampaikan ucapan. Dia memerintahkan penasihat-penasihatnya untuk mencari kata-kata pembukaan yang hebat tak kira dari kitab agama, kata-kata ahli falsafah ataupun dari bait syair. Seorang sasterawan Iraq yang bermastautin di German mencadangkan ayat Al-Quran :

(اقتربت الساعة وانشق القمر) bermaksud : Telah hampir Hari Kiamat dan bulan akan terbelah...

Hitler berasa kagum dengan ayat ini dan menggunakannya sebagai kalam pembukaan dan isi kandungan ucapan beliau. Memang para ahli tafsir menghuraikan bahawa ayat tersebut bermaksud kehebatan, kekuatan dan memberi maksud yang mendalam.

Perkara ini dinyatakan oleh Hitler di dalam buku beliau Mein Kampf yang ditulis di dalam penjara bahawa banyak aspek tindakan beliau berdasarkan ayat Al-Quran, khususnya yang berkaitan tindakan beliau ke atas Yahudi...

2. Hitler bersumpah dengan nama Allah yang Maha Besar.

Hitler telah memasukkan sumpah dengan nama Allah yang Maha Besar di dalam ikrar ketua tenteranya yang akan tamat belajar di akademi tentera German.

" Aku bersumpah dengan nama Allah (Tuhan) yang Maha Besar dan ini ialah sumpah suci ku,bahawa aku akan mentaati semua perintah ketua tentera German dan pemimpinnya Adolf Hitler, pemimpin bersenjata tertinggi, bahawa aku akan sentiasa bersedia untuk berkorban dengan nyawaku pada bila-bila waktu demi pemimpin ku"

3. Hitler telah enggan meminum beer (arak) pada ketika beliau gementar semasa keadaan German yang agak goyah dan bermasalah. Ketika itu para doktor mencadangkan beliau minum beer sebagai ubat dan beliau enggan, sambil mangatakan " Bagaimana anda ingin suruh seseorang itu minum arak untuk tujuan perubatan sedangkan beliau tidak pernah seumur hidupnya menyentuh arak?"

Ya, Hitler tidak pernah menjamah arak sepanjang hayat beliau...minuman kebiasaan beliau ialah teh menggunakan uncang khas...

Bukanlah tujuan penulisan ini untuk membela apa yang dilakukan oleh Hitler, tetapi ianya bertujuan untuk menyingkap apa yang disembunyikan oleh pihak Barat. Semoga kita semua beroleh manfaat.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ten Deadly Sins of Negative Thinking

Let's start being positive less we lose our soul!

The way to overcome negative thoughts and destructive emotions is to develop opposing, positive emotions that are stronger and more powerful.

Life could be so much better for many people, if they would just spot their negative thinking habits and replace them with positive ones. Negative thinking, in all its many-splendor forms, has a way of creeping into conversations and our thinking without our noticing them. The key to success, in my humble opinion, is learning to spot these thoughts and squash them like little bugs. Then replace them with positive ones. You‘ll notice a huge difference in everything you do.

Lets take a look at 10 common ways that negative thinking emerges; get good at spotting these patterns, and practice replacing them with positive thinking patterns. It has made all the difference in the world for me.

Ten Deadly Sins of Negative Thinking

1. I will be happy once I have....... (or once I earn X).

Problem: If you think you can be happy until you reach a certain point, or until you reach a certain income, or have a certain type of house or car or computer setup, youll never be happy. That elusive goal is always just out of reach. Once we reach those goals, we are not satisfied” we want more.

Solution: Learn to be happy with what you have, where you are, and who you are, right at this moment. Happiness doesn’t have to be some state that we want to get to eventually” it can be found right now. Learn to count your blessings, and see the positive in your situation. This might sound simplistic, but it works.

2. I wish I were as....... as (a celebrity, friend, and co-worker).

Problem: Well never be as pretty, as talented, as rich, as sculpted, as cool, as everyone else. There will always be someone better, if you look hard enough. Therefore, if we compare ourselves to others like this, we will always pale, and will always fail, and will always feel bad about ourselves. This is no way to be happy.

Solution: Stop comparing yourself to others, and look instead at yourself” what are your strengths, your accomplishments, your successes, however small? What do you love about yourself? Learn to love who you are, right now, not who you want to become. There is good in each of us, love in each of us, and a wonderful human spirit in every one of us.

3. Seeing others becoming successful makes me jealous and resentful.

Problem: First, this assumes that only a small number of people can be successful in truth, many people can be successful” in different ways.

Solution: Learn to admire the success of others, and learn from it, and be happy for them, by empathizing with them and understanding what it must be like to be them. And then turn away from them, and look at yourself” you can be successful too, in whatever you choose to do. And even more, you already are successful. Look not at those above you in the social ladder, but those below you” there are always millions of people worse off than you, people who couldn’t even read this article or afford a computer. In that light, you are a huge success.

4. I am a miserable failure” I can seem to do anything right.

Problem: Everyone is a failure, if you look at it in certain ways. Everyone has failed, many times, at different things. I have certainly failed so many times I cannot count them” and I continue to fail, daily. However, looking at your failures as failures only makes you feel bad about yourself. By thinking in this way, we will have a negative self-image and never move on from here.

Solution: See your successes and ignore your failures. Look back on your life, in the last month, or year, or 5 years. And try to remember your successes. If you have trouble with this, start documenting them” keep a success journal, either in a notebook or online. Document your success each day, or each week. When you look back at what you’ve accomplished, over a year, you will be amazed. Its an incredibly positive feeling.

5. “I’m going to beat so-and-so no matter what I’m better than him. And there’s no way I’ll help him succeed he might beat me”.

Problem: Competitiveness assumes that there is a small amount of gold to be had, and I need to get it before he does. It makes us into greedy, back-stabbing, hurtful people. We try to claw our way over people to get to success, because of our competitive feelings. For example, if a blogger wants to have more subscribers than another blogger, he may never link to or mention that other blogger. However, who is to say that my subscribers can also be yours? People can read and subscribe to more than one blog.

Solution: Learn to see success as something that can be shared, and learn that if we help each other out, we can each have a better chance to be successful. Two people working towards a common goal are better than two people trying to beat each other up to get to that goal. There is more than enough success to go around. Learn to think in terms of abundance rather than scarcity.

6. Dammed it! Why do these bad things always happen to me?

Problem: Bad things happen to everybody. If we dwell on them, they will frustrate us and bring us down.

Solution: See bad things as a part of the ebb and flow of life. Suffering is a part of the human condition” but it passes. All pain goes away, eventually. Meanwhile, don let it hold you back. Don dwell on bad things, but look forward towards something good in your future. And learn to take the bad things in stride, and learn from them. Bad things are actually opportunities to grow and learn and get stronger, in disguise.

7. You can do anything right! Why can you be like ____ ?

Problem: This can be said to your child or your subordinate or your sibling. Comparing two people, first of all, is always a fallacy. People are different, with different ways of doing things, different strengths and weaknesses, different human characteristics. If we were all the same, wed be robots. Second, saying negative things like this to another person never helps the situation. It might make you feel better, and more powerful, but in truth, it hurts your relationship, it will actually make you feel negative, and it will certainly make the other person feel negative and more likely to continue negative behavior. Everyone loses.

Solution: Take the mistakes or bad behavior of others as an opportunity to teach. Show them how to do something. Second, praise them for their positive behavior, and encourage their success. Last, and most important, love them for who they are, and celebrate their differences.

8. Your work sucks, super lame. You are a moron and I hope you never reproduce.

Problem: I’ve actually gotten this comment before. It feels wonderful. However, let’s look at it not from the perspective of the person receiving this kind of comment but from the perspective of the person giving it. How does saying something negative like this help you? I guess it might feel good to vent if you feel like your time has been wasted, but really, how much of your time has been wasted? a few minutes? And whose fault is that? The bloggers or yours? In truth, making negative comments just keeps you in a negative mindset. It’s also not a good way to make friends.

Solution: Learn to offer constructive solutions, first of all. Instead of telling someone their blog sucks, or that a post is lame, offer some specific suggestions for improvement. Help them get better. If you are going to take the time to make a comment, make it worth your time. Second, learn to interact with people in a more positive way” it makes others feel good and it makes you feel better about yourself. And you can make some great friends this way. That’s a good thing.

9. Insulting People Back

Problem: If someone insults you or angers you in some way, insulting them back and continuing your anger only transfer their problem to you. This person was probably having a bad day (or a bad year) and took it out on you for some reason. If you reciprocate, you are now having a bad day too. His problem has become yours. Not only that, but the cycle of insults can get worse and worse until it results in violence or other negative consequences” for both of you.

Solution: Let the insults or negative comments of others slide off you like Teflon. Don let their problem become yours. In fact, try to understand their problem more” why would someone say something like that? What problems are they going through? Having a little empathy for someone not only makes you understand that their comment is not about you, but it can make you feel and act in a positive manner towards them” and make you feel better about yourself in the process.

10. I don’t think I can do this” I don’t have enough discipline, maybe some other time.

Problem: If you don think you can do something, you probably won, especially for the big stuff. Discipline has nothing to do with it” motivation and focus has everything to do with it. If you put stuff off for some other time, you’ll never get it done. Negative thinking like this inhibits us from accomplishing anything.

Solution: Turn your thinking around: you can do this! You don need discipline. Find ways to make yourself a success at your goal. If you fail, learn from your mistakes, and try again. Instead of putting a goal off for later, start now. And focus on one goal at a time, putting all of your energy into it, and getting as much help from others as you can. You can really move mountains if you start with positive thinking.

Ways to Remove Negative Thoughts:
The more positive you are in thought will certainly help dampen any off-putting hold me back negatives which restrict you from living a decent life,
Negative thinking has seen man or woman, who, ideal for a job post lose it before having had chance to secure it, because they believed they were not worthy enough.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

In the Material Balance

I would like to share this article written by Ahmed El-Gharbawy

It keeps on happen every now and then….

There is always a conflict within one's inner being between what is spiritual and moral and what is physical and material. As is the case with the majority of people, victory is always secured in favor of the latter. As a result, people are often attached to transient pleasures and worldly gains. Throughout their lives, they use a material balance to measure all the things around them. If something weighs heavily in their balance, they will hold it in high regard and view it with deep admiration; otherwise, they will belittle it and cast it as something insignificant. At the root of such mistaken attitude lies the intense love people have for worldly things. This is indicated in a Qur'anic verse that reads:

(Beautified for people is the love of that which they desire — of women and sons, heaped-up sums of gold and silver, fine branded horses, and cattle and tilled land. That is the enjoyment of worldly life, but Allah has with Him the best return.) (Aal`Imran 3:14)

People tend to regard a person who is well dressed and apparently well-off as a respectful man worthy of all sorts of good treatment. And while the poor may receive some financial help from kindhearted people, they are rarely held in real respect. Even if people treat both the well-off and the poor kindly and respectfully, they generally regard it as a favor to the poor and as due right to the wealthy. This becomes especially apparent when a conflict arises. People usually pardon the errors of someone they deem important, but they often behave harshly and sometimes arrogantly in face of an unexpected mistake done by a person they consider as inferior.

Superficial Outlook
Beauty is also an important factor in determining the value of a person we deal with. A handsome man may well be greatly admired by others just because he looks nice or may be charismatic, without much regard to his character and attitude.

The material balance is also employed when choosing one's prospective spouse. Although we were instructed by Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to take religion and attitude as fundamental criteria in this regard, many people make their choices merely on the basis of wealth, status, appearance, and beauty. As a consequence, divorce rates are soaring, since such families have no solid foundations to withstand the problems and disputes that normally occur between married couples.

We can also perceive that material balance being used in everyday dealings among people. For example, when having a conversation, people usually listen attentively to the person they deem important and superior, and they hardly find it necessary to disagree with him. Even if they happen to hold a different view, they will express it hesitatingly, carefully, and most politely — if they do express it at all. Contrarily, they may readily reject an opinion expressed by a seemingly inferior person.
Likewise, if such an important person experiences a happy occasion, they will rush to him, showing their joy and offering their congratulations, something which is not done with the same zeal or care, should the concerned individual have much less weight in their material balance. Such wrong attitude may also emerge in the simplest of situations. For instance, when an important person — deemed so in the material balance — passes by a group of people and greets them, they will reply in an enthusiastic and welcoming manner, with a broad smile on their faces. The case will be greatly different, however, if the passerby is inferior and unimportant in their eyes.

Visits are among the areas in which such unjust distinction appears. Receiving the guest and entertaining him differs greatly depending on his weight in the material balance. People tend to serve the "important" guest generously, joyfully, and wholeheartedly. On the other hand, an "unimportant" guest may be a burden on those who do not understand the essence of their religion.

Work and jobs are no exception here, for people usually evaluate any job according to how much it is profitable and prestigious, not according to the value and purpose of what is done. Therefore, many people put much of their effort toward attaining a job that will make them superior and respectable in the eyes of others — in accordance with that corrupt balance. Surely, it is permissible in Islam to assume good positions and earn a lot of money lawfully. Yet, this should never be the criterion in determining the value and importance of any human being.

An arrogant person lacking a true understanding of his religion may give a free rein to himself to find fault with others, particularly those whom he deems inferior on material grounds. As we are taught by the Noble Qur'an, a seemingly inferior person may be more honorable than a supposedly superior one. Similarly, a Muslim should not seek the friendship of another person only because he is good-looking, well-known, and from a high-status family. Before all else, the noble character of a person should constitute a sufficient reason for others to befriend him.

A Just Balance
In fact, judging the value of people or things materially is not something new to our age. Yet, such attitude had always existed throughout the ages. An example of this is related in a hadith narrated by Sahl ibn Sa`d As-Sa`id, who said:
"While Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was sitting with his Companions, a man passed by. The Prophet asked them, 'What is your opinion about this [passer-by]?' They replied, 'This [passer-by] is from the noble class of people. By Allah, if he should ask for a lady's hand in marriage, he ought to be given her in marriage; and if he intercedes for somebody, his intercession will be accepted.' The Prophet kept quiet. Then another man passed by, and Prophet Muhammad asked the same question again, 'What is your opinion about this one?' They said, 'O Allah's Messenger! This person is one of the poor Muslims. Should he ask for a lady's hand in marriage, none would accept him; should he intercede for somebody, none would accept his intercession; and if he talks, none will listen to him.' Thereupon, the Prophet said, 'This [poor man] is better than such a large number of the first type (i.e. rich men) as to fill the earth.'" (Al-Bukhari)

Hence, unlike the material, unjust, and faulty balance that is commonly used to discriminate between people, a just balance was set by Islam, the noble religion. Addressing all people, Almighty Allah says:
(O mankind! We created you from a single [pair] of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted [with all things].) (Al-Hujurat 49:13)

From the foregoing, it becomes clear to us that we have to look more deeply and fairly into things around us so as to be able to form a correct judgment. We need to get rid of that material balance that blurs our vision and impairs our wisdom. We need to remember Almighty Allah a lot and ponder His greatness and power, aware that He alone is self-sufficient and worthy of all praise. True believers treat all people kindly and respectfully, the poor and the wealthy alike. True believers are careful not to hurt the feelings of any human being, whether he is falsely viewed as inferior or superior. Whenever a case is brought for judgment, a person who acts in compliance with the Noble Qur'an will exercise complete justice and avoid any personal considerations that may affect his judgment. Wise and pious Muslims never measure people and things materially. They fear their Lord and always act in accordance with His guidance.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Luasnya Neraka

Yazid Arraqqasyi dari Anas bin Malik ra. berkata: Jibrail datang kepada Nabi saw pada waktu yg ia tidak biasa datang dalam keadaan berubah mukanya, maka ditanya oleh nabi s.a.w.: 'Mengapa aku melihat kau berubah muka?'
Jawabnya: 'Ya Muhammad, aku datang kepadamu di saat Allah menyuruh supaya dikobarkan penyalaan api neraka, maka tidak layak bagi orang yg mengetahui bahawa neraka Jahannam itu benar, dan siksa kubur itu benar, dan siksa Allah itu terbesar untuk bersuka-suka sebelum ia merasa aman dari padanya.'

Lalu nabi s.a..w. bersabda: 'Ya Jibrail, jelaskan padaku sifat Jahannam.'
Jawabnya: 'Ya. Ketika Allah menjadikan Jahannam, maka dinyalakan selama seribu tahun, sehingga merah, kemudian dilanjutkan seribu tahun sehingga putih, kemudian seribu tahun sehingga hitam, maka ia hitam gelap, tidak pernah padam nyala dan baranya. Demi Allah yg mengutus engkau dengan hak, andaikan terbuka sebesar lubang jarum nescaya akan dapat membakar penduduk dunia semuanya kerana panasnya.

Demi Allah yg mengutus engkau dengan hak, andaikan satu baju ahli neraka itu digantung di antara langit dan bumi nescaya akan mati penduduk bumi kerana panas dan basinya.

Demi Allah yg mengutus engkau dengan hak, andaikan satu pergelangan dari rantai yg disebut dalam Al-Quran itu diletakkan di atas bukit, nescaya akan cair sampai ke bawah bumi yg ke tujuh.

Demi Allah yg mengutus engkau dengan hak, andaikan seorang di hujung barat tersiksa, nescaya akan terbakar orang-orang yang di hujung timur kerana sangat panasnya, Jahannam itu sangat dalam dan perhiasannya besi dan minumannya air panas campur nanah dan pakaiannya potongan-potongan api.

Api neraka itu ada tujuh pintu, tiap-tiap pintu ada bahagiannya yang tertentu dari orang laki-laki dan perempuan.'

Nabi s.a.w. bertanya: 'Apakah pintu-pintunya bagaikan pintu-pintu rumah kami?'
Jawabnya: 'Tidak, tetapi selalu terbuka, setengahnya di bawah dari lainnya, dari pintu ke pintu jarak perjalanan 70,000 tahun, tiap pintu lebih panas dari yang lain 70 kali ganda.' (nota kefahaman: iaitu yg lebih bawah lebih panas)

Tanya Rasulullah s.a.w.: 'Siapakah penduduk masing-masing pintu?'
Jawab Jibrail:
'Pintu yg terbawah untuk orang-orang munafik, dan orang-orang yg kafir setelah diturunkan hidangan mukjizat nabi Isa a.s. serta keluarga Fir'aun sedang namanya Al-Hawiyah.

Pintu kedua tempat orang-orang musyrikin bernama Jahim,
Pintu ketiga tempat orang shobi'in bernama Saqar.
Pintu ke empat tempat Iblis dan pengikutnya dari kaum majusi bernama Ladha,
Pintu kelima orang yahudi bernama Huthomah.
Pintu ke enam tempat orang nasara bernama Sa'eir.'

Kemudian Jibrail diam segan pada Rasulullah s.a.w.. sehingga ditanya: 'Mengapa tidak kau terangkan penduduk pintu ke tujuh?'

Jawabnya: 'Di dalamnya orang-orang yg berdosa besar dari ummatmu yg sampai mati belum sempat bertaubat.'

Maka nabi s.a.w. jatuh pingsan ketika mendengar keterangan itu, sehingga Jibrail meletakkan kepala nabi s.a.w. di pangkuannya sehingga sedar kembali dan sesudah sadar nabi saw bersabda: 'Ya Jibrail, sungguh besar kerisauanku dan sangat sedihku, apakah ada seorang dari ummat ku yang akan masuk ke dalam neraka?'

Jawabnya: 'Ya, iaitu orang yg berdosa besar dari ummatmu.'

Kemudian nabi s.a.w. menangis, Jibrail juga menangis, kemudian nabi s.a.w. masuk ke dalam rumahnya dan tidak keluar kecuali untuk sembahyang kemudian kembali dan tidak berbicara dengan orang dan bila sembahyang selalu menangis dan minta kepada Allah.(dipetik dari kitab 'Peringatan Bagi Yang Lalai')

Dari Hadith Qudsi: Bagaimana kamu masih boleh melakukan maksiat sedangkan kamu tak dapat bertahan dengan panasnya terik matahari Ku.

Tahukah kamu bahawa neraka jahanamKu itu:

1. Neraka Jahanam itu mempunyai 7 tingkat
2. Setiap tingkat mempunyai 70,000 daerah
3. Setiap daerah mempunyai 70,000 kampung
4. Setiap kampung mempunyai 70,000 rumah
5. Setiap rumah mempunyai 70,000 bilik
6. Setiap bilik mempunyai 70,000 kotak
7. Setiap kotak mempunyai 70,000 batang pokok zarqum
8. Di bawah setiap pokok zarqum mempunyai 70,000 ekor
9. Di dalam mulut setiap ular yang panjang 70 hasta
mengandungi lautan racun yang hitam pekat.
10. Juga di bawah setiap pokok zarqum mempunyai
70,000 rantai
11. Setiap rantai diseret oleh 70,000 malaikat

Mudah-mudahan ini dapat menimbulkan keinsafan kepada kita semua.....Wallahua'lam.

Al-Quran Surah Al- Baqarah Ayat 159
Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang menyembunyikan apa yang telah Kami turunkan dari keterangan-keterangan dan petunjuk hidayat, sesudah Kami terangkannya kepada manusia di dalam Kitab Suci, mereka itu dilaknat oleh Allah dan dilaknat oleh sekalian makhluk.

Dari Abdullah bin 'Amr R.A,
Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda:' Sampaikanlah pesanku biarpun satu ayat..


Disebutkan di dalam satu riwayat, bahawasanya apabila para makhluk dibangkitkan dari kubur, mereka semuanya berdiri tegak di kubur masing-masing selama 44 tahun UMUR AKHIRAT dalam keadaan TIDAK MAKAN dan TIDAK MINUM, TIDAK DUDUK dan TIDAKBERCAKAP.
Bertanya orang kepada Rasulullah saw : 'Bagaimana kita dapat mengenali ORANG-ORANG MUKMIN kelak di hari qiamat?'
Maka jawabnya Rasulullah saw 'Umatku dikenali kerana WAJAH mereka putih disebabkan oleh WUDHU'.' Bila qiamat datang maka malaikat datang ke kubur orang mukmin sambil membersihkan debu di badan mereka KECUALI pada tempat sujud. Bekas SUJUD tidak dihilangkan.

Maka memanggillah dari zat yang memanggil. Bukanlah debu 'itu dari debu kubur mereka, akan tetapi debu itu ialah debu KEIMANAN' mereka. Oleh itu tinggallah debu itu sehingga mereka melalui titian' Siratul Mustaqim dan memasuki Alam SYURGA, sehingga setiap orang melihat para mukmin itu mengetahui bahawa mereka adalah pelayan Ku dan hamba-hamba Ku.

Disebutkan oleh hadith Rasulullah saw bahawa sepuluh orang yang mayatnya TIDAK BUSUK dan TIDAK REPUT dan akan bangkit dalam tubuh asal diwaktu mati :

1. Para Nabi
2. Para Ahli Jihad
3. Para Alim Ulama
4. Para Syuhada
5. Para Penghafal Al Quran
6. Imam atau Pemimpin yang Adil
7. Tukang Azan
8. Wanita yang mati kelahiran/beranak
9. Orang mati dibunuh atau dianiaya
10. Orang yang mati di siang hari atau di malam Jumaat jika mereka
itu dari kalangan orang yang beriman.

Didalam satu riwayat yang lain dari Jabir bin Abdullah ra sabda Rasulullah saw: Apabila datang hari QIAMAT dan orang-orang yang berada di dalam kubur dibangkitkan maka Allah swt memberi wahyu kepada Malaikat Ridhwan:
' Wahai Ridhwan, sesungguhnya Aku telah mengeluarkan hamba-hamba Ku berpuasa ( Ahli Puasa ) dari kubur mereka di dalam keadaan letih dan dahaga. Maka ambillah dan berikan mereka segala makanan yang digoreng dan buah-buahan SYURGA. '

Maka Malaikat Ridhwan menyeru, wahai sekelian kawan-kawan dan semua anak-anak yang belum baligh, lalu mereka semua datang dengan membawa dulang dari nur dan berhimpun dekat Malaikat Ridhwan bersama dulang yang penuh dengan buahan dan minuman yang lazat dari syurga dengan sangat banyak melebihi daun-daun kayu di bumi.

Jika Malaikat Ridhwan berjumpa mukmin maka dia memberi makanan itu kepada mereka sambil mengucap sebagaimana yang difirman oleh Allah swt di dalam Surah Al-Haqqah bermaksud :
'Makan dan minumlah dengan sedap disebabkan AMAL yang telah kamu kerjakan pada HARI yang telah LALU itu.'

* Tolong sebarkan kisah ini kepada saudara Islam yang lain.
Ilmu yang bermanfaat ialah salah satu amal yang berkekalan bagi orang yang mengajarnya meskipun dia sudah mati. ' Dan ( ingatlah ) Allah sentiasa mengetahui dengan mendalam akan apa jua yang kamu lakukan.' Surah Al-Baqarah : 237

Untuk renungan dan amalan bersama ..