Friday, November 6, 2009


A passage taken from the History of Kelantan

When Long Bahar died In 1733, his son, Long Sulaiman was installed as Raja Kelantan. One of his sons was Long Yunus. Civil war broke out in 1756 and Long Sulaiman was killed. His brother-in-law Long Pandak then became Raja while his brother, Long Muhammad who became heir apparent, lived at Kok Keranji. Civil war broke out again at Kubang Labu when Long Pandak stabbed his wife Engku Neng Mas, because he was jealous of Long Gaffar. Long Gaffar and his followers attacked Kubang Labu and killed Long Pandak. Long Gaffar then appointed Long Muhammad to the throne.
In 1762, Long Gaffar went to Terengganu, accompanied by Long Yunus, taking along a fighting-cock called "Bakas Racun" to match it against Bugis adventurers. His bet was half of the state of Terengganu without knowledge of the ruler!! If he lost, he was going to fight those men. After winning no less than seven boat-loads of goods, Long Gaffar presented his winnings to the ruler of Terengganu, Sultan Mansor Shah. Long Yunus married Tuan Cik Jumat, a daughter of Engku Tenang Wangsa of Terengganu.
5 months later, news that Long Muhammad had committed acts of tyranny reached them. Long Gaffar and Long Yunus , accompanied by a force of warriors provided by the Terengganu ruler marched back to Kelantan. Reaching Pasir Putih, Long Gaffar was joined by a number of warriors including Penghulu Adas, Tok Sek and Tok Mek who had been waiting for him. Soon afterwards, Long Yunus, Long Gaffar and their men attacked Kubang Labu by night. Many were killed on both sides including Long Muhammad who was buried at Gong Chepa. Towards the end of 1762, Long Yunus was installed as Raja and Long Gaffar was given the title of Engku Seri Maharaja Perdana Menteri with the power to rule Jeram area up to Pasir Tumboh river.

Long Gaffar would do anything for a friend.
A brave and adventurous man, could be incredibly humorous person at times
Long Gaffar was my ancestry

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